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2013 State Class B Oral Interpretation Festival

Non-Original Oratory - Superior Performances
(Left to Right) Madisen Swift, Chester Area; Jacob Carsten, Kimball; Brady Hamer, Lyman; Ryan Burket, James Valley Christian; Miranda Anderson, Rosholt; Bethany Wollman, Freeman Academy; Tory Makela, Ipswich   


Class B Non-Original Oratory Speaking Order

1. Madisen Swift, Chester Area -- "I am Adam Lanza's Mother"

2. Cecilia Streff, Clark -- "To The Class of 2013"

3. Logan Hattervig, Howard -- "The Dying Art of the Complaint"

4. Courtney Quam, Wolsey-Wessington -- "Dare to Be Different"

5. Jacob Carsten, Kimball -- "Lessons From A Third Grade Drop-Out"

6. Bobby Beach-Pattison, Mt. Vernon -- "With Rest, You Get Noise"

7. Brady Hamer, Lyman -- "UVA Commencement Speech"

8. Abigail Bitter, Great Plains Lutheran -- "A Child Called It"

9. Emily Andersen, Centerville -- "An Open Letter to the Guys Who Kicked the Soccer Ball over the Fence and Asked Me to Toss It Back to Them, Thus Scarring Me for Life"

10. Ryan Burket, James Valley Christian -- "I Have a Dream"

11. Miranda Anderson, Rosholt -- "Dear Virginia"

12. Kierra Determan, Hanson -- "Small Steps to Success"

13. Sheyanne Sorensen, Irene-Wakonda -- "Dear Virginia"

14. Bethany Wollman, Freeman Academy -- "A Long Walk in New Shoes"

15. Tory Makela, Ipswich -- "B+ Is Just Fine"


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