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2013 State Class B Oral Interpretation Festival

Duet Interpretation - Superior Performances
 (Front to Back, Left to Right) Brodrick Wendland & Kathy Jensen, Arlington; Olivia Boese & Brooklyn Ries, Freeman Academy; Tanisha Remer & Dominick Weber, Canistota; John Cassens & Christopher Cassens, Faulkton Area; James Mayclin & Devon Moore, Plankinton; Megan Eisenbeis & Grant Preheim, Freeman; Jace Anderson & Ryan Hinrichs, Sully Buttes

Class B Duet Interpretation Speaking Order

1.  Matt Loomis & Allyson Monson, Clark -- "Blind Date"

2.  Clarissa Rahn & Kristin Lambert, Centerville -- "The Battle of Brown and Whitmore"

3.  Tessa Kopren & Joseph Kvale, Bison -- "Dog Day Morning"

4.  Kathy Jensen & Brodrick Wendland, Arlington -- "The Welcome Mat"

5.  Jenica Chapin & Josh Conner, Summit -- "Kissing Lessons"

6.  Darby Deffenbaugh & Bailey Bosworth, Kimball -- "The Tooth Hurts"

7.  Olivia Boese & Brooklyn Ries, Freeman Academy -- "Metatheatre"

8.  Keana Jackson & Logan Plath, Rosholt -- "The Evil Fluff Ball"

9.  Adam Anderson & Jade Anderson, Chester Area -- "Forgetful Remembrance"

10. Tanisha Remer & Dominick Weber, Canistota -- "Check Please"

11. John Cassens & Christopher Cassens, Faulkton Area -- "Pillow Talk"

12. James Mayclin & Devon Moore, Plankinton -- "Bun-Gee!"

13. Andrew Shumake & Jaden Brockel, Sunshine Bible Academy -- "The Tooth Hurts"

14. Megan Eisenbeis & Grant Preheim, Freeman -- "To Every Coin"

15. Jace Anderson & Ryan Hinrichs, Sully Buttes -- "Abbot and Costello"

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