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2013 State Class B Oral Interpretation Festival

Serious Plays - Superior Performances
(Left to Right) John Cassens, Faulkton Area; Ellen Weber, Warner; Mary Christianson, Rapid City Christian; Rowan Byrd, White Lake; Polly Carlson, Freeman Academy; Franchesca Poppinga, De Smet; Adam Anderson, Chester Area

Class B Interpretation of Serious Plays

1. John Cassens, Faulkton Area -- "Assassins"

2. Allie Kaufenberg, Centerville -- "Ecstasy"

3. Abbie Reynen, Mitchell Christian -- "88 Keys"

4. Mariah Lord, Wolsey-Wessington -- "A Sense of Urgency"

5. Ellen Weber, Warner -- "Wispy Boy"

6. Mary Christianson, Rapid City Christian -- "Clear Glass Marbles"

7. Rowan Byrd, White Lake -- "Ice Cream for Dinner"

8. Catherine Leber, Parker -- "Patient A"

9. Polly Carlson, Freeman Academy -- "Lady of Letters from The Complete Talking Heads"

10. Kyra Holzer, Timber Lake -- "The Care & Feeding of Baby Birds"

11. Franchesca Poppinga, De Smet -- "Bad Seed"

12. Benjamin Hummel, Florence -- "I Don't Want to Talk About It"

13. Adam Anderson, Chester Area -- "Thirty-One Words"

14. Brianna Anderson, Rosholt -- "Coyote Killer"

15. Dodge Weishaar, Bison -- "Grief Struck"


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