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State One Act Play Festival
Sioux Falls - Feb 5-Feb 7, 2009

Outstanding Ensembles

Sioux Falls Christian High School presents:  This is a Test by Stephen Gregg
Students Ensemble:
Lois - Amanda Bork
Alan - Matt Groen
Student - Megan Schooten, Brooke Fischer, Kym Tufte, Rachel Sinkgraven
Student 1 - Brian Wilcox
Student 2 - Christine Pietz
Student 3 - Ashley Bork
Pat - Marissa Nelson
Chris - Katie Nelson
Evan - Seth Hambek

Vermillion High School presents:  Cinderella Waltz by Don Nigro
Dwarves Ensemble:
Samantha Cooper, Sam Robinson, Sarah Axtell

Deubrook Area High School presents: Dream Therapy by Susan Negstad
"Dream People" Ensemble:
Pete/Bill/H-ette - Meritt Pederson
Esther/Mona/H-ette- Marisa Hinderaker
Groupie 1/Bertha/H-ette - Courtney Trooien
Groupie 2/Simone/H-ette - Ali Anderson
Groupie 3/Sara/H-ette - Regina Balo
Groupie 4/Matt/H-ette - Trae Fuller
Groupie 5/Harold - Jacob Englin
Groupie 6/Kim/H-ette - Brittany Tolrud
Groupie 7/Ken/H-ette - Zach Murphy
Thought 1 - Chelsea Kruse
Thought 2 - Kassidy Schmidt
Superman/H-ette - Tina Montis
Helga - Katy Milton

Canton High School presents: Maniac Manor by Don S. Lowry
Mrs. Buffington - Jorrie Hart
Emily - Jaclyn Schreurers Gertie
Camille - Kira Dahl
Jerome - Evan Doyle
Selena - Danae Huntsinger
Basil - Samuel Rezac

Chamberlain High School presents:  Bon Appetit - That's Life, Too by CHS one-act cast and crew with original music by Layne Larson
Acting Ensemble:
Actor 1 (Harey Carey) - John Dunn
Actress 1 (Pretty Woman) - Debbi Jones
Actor 2 (Truck Driver, Amerillo) - Nathan Iversen
Actress 2 (McD Lazy Worker, Jogger) - Breanna Hess
Actress 3 (Woman in Restaurant) - Rozlyn Quilt
Actress 4 (Ode to Lasagna/Pepto) - LaShana Leiferman
Actress 5 (Mom, Picnic Food) - Emmie VanErt
Actress 6 (I ate pie 1) - Lizzie VanErt
Actor 3 (Waiter in Restaurant) - Max Tyrell
Actress 7 (Hamburger) - Brianna Thompson
Actress 8 (Old Lady at McD) - Courtney Mueller
Actor 4 (Shopping Cart Dancer) - Kolton Harris

Band Ensemble:
Actor 5/Band (Iron Chef, guitar) - Marcello Martinez
Actor 6/Band (Fat Day, Guitar) - Jordan Rose
Actress 9/Band (Drums) - Kelli Swenson
Actor 7/(Iron Chef 2, Bass) - Michael Baldwin
Actress 10/Band (Piano) - Katelyn Moore
Actress 11/Band (Percussion) - AnnaRose Goodman


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