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Lincoln Douglas Policy Debate Public Forum Photos

2008 State Class AA Debate and Individual Events

1st: Michael Holkesvik (Aberdeen Central)
2nd: Meg Henrickson (Yankton)
3rd: Grace Chang (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
4th: Danielle Wang (Brookings)
5th: Bekka Steinwand (Sioux Falls Washington)
6th: Lindsey Hirsch (Watertown)
Michael Holkesvik, Aberdeen Central - My Two Nickels Worth
Hannah Mettler, Aberdeen Central - Pop!
Danielle Wang, Brookings - "All Stuffed Up"
Amelia Hirrschoff, Brookings - "May I Peel You a Banana?"
Matthew Hemenway, Huron - Intuition: Going With Your Gut
Danielle Limberg, Mitchell - Are we scaring ourselves to death?
Megan Reimnitz, Mitchell - Who should we look up to?
Grace Chang, Sioux Falls Lincoln - Professionally Tacky
Ariel Rensch, Sioux Falls Lincoln - Can you Commit?
Grace Buchloh, Sioux Falls - Are You Kidding Me!?!?!?!?!?
Yvonne Gildemaster, Sioux Falls - Back Porches
Bekka Steinwand, Sioux Falls - The Millenials Washington
Allison Hout, Sioux Falls - Purposeful Ignorance Washington
Karise Stillson, Spearfish - Lost in Translation
Savannah Larson, Spearfish - Aids in South Africa
Becca Dargatz, Watertown - Guilty Pleasures
Lindsey Hirsch, Watertown - Magic of a Meal
Meg Henrickson, Yankton - We Have a Chart to Follow
Emilie Weisser, Yankton - Water


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