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Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Champion - Robert Haar, Deuel
Runner-Up - Taiana Hayes, Vermillion
Third Place - Mallory Malm, Milbank
Finalists-  Rachel Lewis, Groton; Geng Wang, Vermillion; Kirsetn Ziegler, Lennox

US Extemporaneous Speaking
Champion - Jim Johnson, Deuel
Runner-Up - Ellen Kennedy, Vermillion
Third Place - Varsha Ramakrishnan, Vermillion
Finalists - Holly Walter, Groton; Emily Lentz, Milbank; Joe Keller, Milbank

Champion - Noelle Harden, Vermillion
Runner-Up - Jenna Carlson, Milbank
Third Place - Alicia Coggins, Beresford
Finalists - Ryan Haugaard, Milbank, Healey Builtena, Lennox, Michele Morse, Vermillion

Policy Debate
Champion Debaters - Robert Haar & Jim Johnson, Deuel
Runner-Up Debater - Leslee Sell & Ellen Kennedy, Vermillion
Semi-Finalist Debaters - Danielle Schmidt & Ashley Miller, Lennox; Varsha Ramakrishnan & Noelle Harden, Vermillion
Quarter Finalist Debaters- Kristen Ziegler & Steven Ziegler, Lennox; Mallory Malm & Emily Lentz, Milbank; Tim Adams & Sarah Klingbile, Madison; Amy Mammenga & Holly Walter, Groton

Lincoln/Douglas Debate
Champion -Shandhini Raidoo,Vermillion
Runner-Up - Ryan Haugaard, Milbank
Semi Finalists - Patrick Kane, Montrose; Rachel Lewis, Groton

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