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National Extemporaneous Speaking - AA

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Champion - John Rapinchuk, Watertown
Runner-Up - Jayson Tischler, Rapid City Central
Third Place - Nicole Buseman, Sioux Falls Roosevelt
Finalists - Darin Gully, Watertown; Jesse Jensen, Rapid City Stevens; Alex Bladwin Mitchell

Class "AA" Domestic Extemporaneous state finalists.

"AA" US Extemporaneous Speaking Topics
 1. Will the current Reform measure provide meaningful reform?
 2. Is the US winning the war on drugs?
 3. Will the Democrats and Republicans ever be able to reach an agreement on the Economic Stimulus Package?
 4. What effect will the downfall of Enron have on the Bush Administration?
 5. What safeguards are appropriate for the proposed military tribunals for accused foreign terrorists?
 6. Should the Us Federal government fund stem-cell research?
 7. Will Bush's education initiatives be beneficial to America's schools?
 8. Will Mike Bloomberg be an effective Mayor the New York City?
 9. Who will be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate in 2004?
10. What will it take for the US to win the war on terrorism?
11. What steps should Congress take to prevent another Enron-like situation?
12. Can the Democrats maintain control of the Senate in the upcoming election?
13. What can the government do to protect the environment?
14. Is the Bush administration justified in withholding records of its energy task force meetings?
15. How much should civil liberties be limited during times of war?
16. What is the future of bipartisanship in Washington D.C.?
17. Have the increased airline security measure had their desired effects?
18. Is Alan Greenspan an effective Chairman of the Federal Reserve?
19. Waht can be done to provide adequate health care for all citizens?
20. Has the U.S. economy turned the corner on the recession?


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