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2013 Girls State Tennis Tournament
Sioux Falls, October 10-12, 2013
SDHSAA Tournament Site

2013GirlsTennisChamps-SF OGorman.jpg (8480971 bytes)
2013 Champions - Sioux Falls O'Gorman
2013GirlsTennis2nd-SFWashington.jpg (8220138 bytes)
Sioux Falls Washington
2nd Place
2013GirlsTennis3rd-AbCentral.jpg (8724286 bytes)
Aberdeen Central
3rd Place
2013GirlsTennis4th-StThomasMore.jpg (8802283 bytes)
St. Thomas More
4th Place
2013GirlsTennis5th-RCStevens.jpg (8275175 bytes)
Rapid City Stevens
5th Place
2013GirlsTennis-SpiritOfMax-EileenLeong.jpg (9693805 bytes)
Eileen Leong
Pierre T.F. Riggs
Spirit of Max Award
2013GirlsTennis-Sportsmanship-ABCentral.jpg (9634609 bytes)
Aberdeen Central
Team Sportsmanship
2013GirlsTennis-AllTournament.jpg (9895153 bytes)
All Tournament Team
2013GirlsTennisFlight1Singles.JPG (9550406 bytes)
Flight One Singles

2013GirlsTennisFlight1SinglesChamp-MorganBrower.JPG (8301273 bytes)
Morgan Brower
SF O'Gorman

2013GirlsTennisFlight2Singles.JPG (7136528 bytes)
Flight Two Singles

2013GirlsTennisFlight2SinglesChamp-Mical Johnson.JPG (7490795 bytes)
Mical Johnson
SF Washington

2013GirlsTennisFlight3Singles.JPG (6728645 bytes)
Flight Three Singles

2013GirlsTennisFlight3SinglesChamp-Sam Czarneki.JPG (7285511 bytes)
Sam Czarneki
SF O'Gorman

2013GirlsTennisFlight4Singles.JPG (7029483 bytes)
Flight Four Singles

2013GirlsTennisFlight4SinglesChamp-Sidney Brower.JPG (8022831 bytes)
Sidney Brower
SF O'Gorman

2013GirlsTennisFlight5Singles.JPG (7067769 bytes)
Flight Five Singles

2013GirlsTennisFlight5SinglesChamp-MaryBillion.JPG (6696527 bytes)
Mary Billion
SF O'Gorman

2013GirlsTennisFlight6Singles.JPG (7667523 bytes)
Flight Six Singles

2013GirlsTennisFlight6Champ-Mira Yousef.JPG (7219199 bytes)
Mira Yousef
SF O'Gorman

2013GirlsTennisFlight1Doubles.JPG (9163717 bytes)
Flight One Doubles
2013GirlsTennisFlight2Doubles.JPG (6725772 bytes)
Flight Two Doubles
2013GirlsTennisFlight3Doubles.JPG (8862585 bytes)
Flight Three Doubles

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