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2005 All State Chorus and Orchestra Concert

Orchestra Participants

Orchestra Participants
First Violin
Adrian Ptacek, RC Central
Bill Liu, SF Lincoln
Taryn Arbeiter, RC Stevens
Andre Hafner, RC Central
*Jacie Reams, RC Central
*Sophie Stevens, Yankton
Jessica Hanson, RC Stevens
Lauren Armstrong, RC Central
*Keegan Kellogg, RC Central
Molly Vukelich, RC Stevens
*Caitlin Petersen, RC Stevens
Danielle Dixon, RC Stevens
Kathryn Sughrue, RC Central
Ed Hill, RC Central
Mike Guiliano, RC Central
*Michael Graber, Freeman Academy
Angela Goeringer, RC Central
Ginny Price, RC Central
Hannah Kunzweiler, RC Stevens
Zachary Stewart, RC Stevens
Laura Freed, RC Stevens
*Brian Hemen, Huron
Bill Robles, SF Roosevelt
Megan Dibbern, RC Stevens
Emily Weber, RC Central
Julia Konstant, Watertown
Rebecca Longhenry, RC Stevens
Karris McKie, RC Stevens

Second Violin
*Mattie Lerdal, RC Stevens
Anjelica Brackins, RC Central
Greg Vollmer, RC Central
Katelyn McElhany, Watertown
Elizabeth MacLachlan, RC Central
Ross Shields, SF Lincoln
Rochelle Rogers, RC Stevens
Ross Minton, RC Stevens
Kelsey Campbell, Madison
Laurie Anderson, RC Stevens
Lane Raffaldini Rubin, SF Lincoln
Misty Blough, RC Central
Jamianne Wilcox, SF Washington
Bryanna Hollibaugh, RC Stevens
Drew Whitney, Huron
Renee Speidel, Watertown
Bridget Ames, Huron
Jacob Anderson, SF Lincoln
Danielle Doorn, RC Stevens
Ana Schweer, Watertown
Stephanie Smith, Watertown
Julie Santella, SF O'Gorman
Shantel Herman, RC Central
Nick Sellers, Watertown
Audrey Wipf, James Valley Christian
Emily Graslie, RC Central
Samuel Berney, RC Central
Matthew Hemenway, Huron
Kayla Giesey, RC Central
Paige Osterloo, RC Stevens

Caitlin Hafner, RC Central
Suzanne Sherwood, Watertown
Emily Rodman, RC Central
Gabriel Stewart, RC Stevens
Asif Choudhury, RC Stevens
Katie Pflaum, RC Central
Jolynn Fletcher, RC Central
Rose Dvorak, Yankton
Elisa Chan, SF Roosevelt
Ross Diedrich, RC Stevens
Georgia Anderson, RC Central
Emily Gillaspey, SF Lincoln
Josie Marko, SF Lincoln
Iain Crosby, SF Lincoln
Abby Drabek, RC Central
Austin Hegert, RC Stevens
Keiran Speirs, RC Stevens
Angela McMahon, RC Central
Ann Erickson, Huron
Janell Eckrich, St. Thomas More
Erin Richardt, RC Stevens
Jennifer Wilber, RC Central
James Doyle, RC Stevens
Kristen Andersen, SF Washington

*Tiffany Bell, RC Central
Benjamin Arbeiter, RC Stevens
*Ashley Heacock, RC Stevens
Megan Byers, RC Stevens
Ricky Faflak, Aberdeen Central
Samson Ptacek, RC Central
Trevor Minton, RC Stevens
Karina Weiss, RC Stevens
Hannah Lehmann, RC Stevens
Alana MacLachlan, RC Central
Teddy Schumacher, SF Lincoln
*Jillian Burckhard, SF Lincoln
Tara Flynn, RC Central
Anne Pfeifle, RC Stevens
Amy Petersen, RC Central
Emily Palmer, RC Stevens
Hanna Allsgaard, Yankton
Chris Fitch, SF Roosevelt
Ryan Chalkley, Sturgis
*Tom Burrish, SF Lincoln

String Bass
Bayard Carlson, SF Lincoln
* Josh Melby, Aberdeen Central
Lisa Vogl, RC Central
Jesse Mumm, RC Central
Ryan Maas, Huron
Christena Georgas, RC Stevens
Kate Mathews, RC Central
Heidi Ranschau, SF Lincoln
Andrea Friedrichsen, Huron
Erik Bjornebo, SF Roosevelt

Morgan Black, RC Central
Erin Hoiland, Harrisburg

Alyssa Graber, Freeman Academy

Janae Dougherty, Chamberlain

*Jenny Ulmer, SF Lincoln
Ashley White, Lennox
Liza Bohls, RC Central
Emily Thornton, SF Lincoln

Meagan O'Malley,
Aberdeen Central
Connie Vogelmann, SF Roosevelt
Rachel Palmer, RC Central
Michael King, SF Lincoln

English Horn
Rachel Palmer, RC Central

B-Flat Clarinet
Taneea Ortman, SF Roosevelt
Stef Auch, Chamberlain
Emily Gullickson, SF Roosevelt
Kelsey Pickford, Custer

Holly Smith, Custer
Katie Klipfel, Leola
Maria Bender, Brandon Valley
Drew Jackson, Brandon Valley

French Horn
Todd Mulder, Lennox
Alexis Schaub, Chamberlain
Natalie Cromwell, SF Lincoln
Inga Rohde, SF Lincoln
Dempster Christenson, SF O'Gorman
*Laef Johnson, Groton Area
Shelby Meyerink, Chamberlain
Brianna Larsen, Tea Area

Malerie Mertz, Chamberlain
Kasey Wahl, SF Roosevelt
Jaime Halberstadt, SF Lincoln
Luis Cardenas Casillas, SF Roosevelt
Lea Conrad, SF Roosevelt
Mary Kate Sershen, Chester Area

Brian Shobe, RC Stevens
*Phil Carlson, Chamberlain
Jason Roseth, Watertown
Marissa Penner, SF Lincoln
Patty Kramer, SF Roosevelt
Diana Cai, SF Roosevelt

Travis Netzer, Ipswich
Pat O'Kane, West Central

Peter Graff, SF Roosevelt
General Percussion
Brandon Eisenbraun, Yankton
Leslie Swanson, Chamberlain
Jim Colombe, Todd County
Jami Swenson, Chamberlain

Andrew Belsaas, RC Central

Aberdeen Central Daniel Witte
Brandon Valley Shelly Trisko
Chamberlain Dennis Carlson & Keith Preheim
Chester Area Helen Mogen
Custer Robert Wechsler
Freeman Academy Nicolle Hofer Timmerman**
Groton Area Patty Baule
Harrisburg Daryl Ling
Huron Hans Peterson
Ipswich Becky Nierman
James Valley Christian Alan Palsma
Lennox Emily Anderson
Leola Nancy Kindelspire
Madison Bob Kramer
Rapid City Central Bruce Knowles**
Rapid City Stevens William G. Evans
SF Lincoln Mario Chiarello**
SF O Gorman Jim Smith
SF Roosevelt Chad Hutchinson
SF Washington Karla Chiarello
St. Thomas More Curtis Peacock
Sturgis David Martinson
Tea Area Stephanie Kopecky
Todd County Pauline Lanz
Watertown Renae Mack
West Central Jeff Soukup
Yankton Gary Fridley

* Denotes four year All-State Orchestra participants
** Denotes SDMEA member


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