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2006 Boys State Tennis Tournament

2006 Team Champion - Rapid City  Stevens

1st Place
RC Stevens

2nd Place
SF OGorman


3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place

Flight 1 Singles
Roman Dojcak (SFO)

Flight 2 Singles
Billy Paluch (RCS)

Flight 3 Singles
Gib Moyle (RCS)

Flight 4 Singles
Jack Hamburg (RCS)

Flight 5 Singles
Brad Entwistle (SFO)

Flight 6 Singles
JJ Shultz (RCS)

Flight 1 Doubles
 RCS - Paluch/ Paluch

Flight 2 Doubles
RCS - Hamburg/ Malik

Flight 3 Doubles
RCS - Moyle/ Shultz

ALL Tournament Team
Roman Dojcak, RC Stevens; Billy Paluch, RC Stevens; Gib Moyle, RC Stevens; Jack Hamburg, RC Stevens; Cory Paluch, RC Stevens; Cody Malik, RC Stevens, Nolan Weise, SF O'Gorman; BJ Flynn, BroSsokings; JJ Shultz, RC Stevens; Yanik Graf, St Thomas More
Spirit of Max
Ryan Barber, RC

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