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Girls State Tennis Tournament Doubles History


Team Champion






Petrasko/Townsend SF O’Gorman  


Petrasko/Townsend SF O’Gorman  


Meyers/Hamre SF Roosevelt  


Paluch//Oddo RC Stevens  
2005 Paluch Oddo, RC Stevens  
2004 Leszayova-Lamberty, SF O'Gorman  
2003 Jelsma-Gaster, SF Washington  
2002 Chiu-Schwerin, SF Lincoln  
2001 Houlihan-Chiu, SF Lincoln  
2000 Houlihan-Chiu, SF Lincoln  
1999 Houlihan-Chiu, SF Lincoln  
1998 Houlihan-Chiu, SF Lincoln  
1997 Donohue-Evans, SF O'Gorman  
1996 Donohue-Evans, SF O'Gorman  
1995 McEntee-Schoenfelder, Mitchell  
1994 Schoenhard-Evans, SF O'Gorman  
1993 Schoenhard-Evans, SF O'Gorman  
1992 Hatch-Kayongo, Brookings  
1991 Hatch-Nsereko, Brookings  
1990 Hatch-Nsereko, Brookings  
1989 Hatch-Nsereko, Brookings  
1988 Hatch-Nsereko, Brookings  
1987 Fischer-Sercl, SF O'Gorman  
1986 Hulst-Hulst, Huron  
1985 Breitag-Rost, SF Lincoln  
1984 Breitag-Breitag, SF Lincoln  
1983 Breitag-Breitag, SF Lincoln  
1982 Breigtag-Breitag, SF Lincoln  
1981 Daw-Breitag, SF Lincoln  
1980 Rost-Walsh, SF O'Gorman  
1979 Rost-Volin, SF O'Gorman  
1978 Rost-Volin, SF O'Gorman  
1977 Bell-Bell, Aberdeen Roncalli  
1976 Bernard-Kaltsulas, Vermillion  
1975 Bernard-Kaltsulas, Vermillion  
1974 Bernard-Krause, Vermillion  


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