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Boys State Tennis Tournament Doubles History


Team Champion


2009 Paluch & Hamburg, RC Stevens Lambertz/Barr, SF Roosevelt
2008 Paluch & Hamburg, RC Stevens Entwistle/Goetz, SF O’Gorman
2007 Paluch & Hamburg, RC Stevens Flynn/Kippley, Brookings
2006 Paluch-Paluch, RC Stevens Dojcak-Wiese, SF O'Gorman
2005 Paluch-Paluch, RC Stevens Dojcak-Elson, SF O'Gorman
2004 Schoepp-Alvine, Watertown Bradfield-Elson, SF O'Gorman
2003 Sorenson-Sorenson, SF Lincoln Lecy-Grassby, RC Central
2002 Jelsma-Bittner, SF Washington Lecy-Grassby, RC Central
2001 Vellek-Jelsma, SF Washington Meyer-Eckert, SF Roosevelt
2000 Barnes-Peterson, SF O'Gorman Steinle-Skinner, Sturgis
1999 Chiu-Graham, SF Lincoln Barnes-Peterson, SF O'Gorman
1998 Chiu-Chiu, SF Lincoln Vellek-Weisser, SF Washington
1997 Kiner-Krueger, SF Lincoln Steinle-Steinle, Sturgis
1996 Kiner-Krueger, SF Lincoln Steinle-Steinle, Sturgis
1995 Kracht-Conzemius, Pierre Young-Loecker, Mitchell
1994 Steinle-Lewis, Sturgish Young-Loecker, Mitchell
1993 Murphy-Meester, Watertown Thompson-Peterson, Brookings
1992 Simko-Brown, SF Lincoln Murphy-Meester, Watertown
1991 Nielson-Erickson, SF Lincoln Moran-Breit, SF O'Gorman
1990 Breit-Moran, SF O'Gorman Winters-Schaefer, Pierre
1989 Moran-Moran, SF O'Gorman Enterman-Goldammer, RC Central
1988 Leonard-Nichols, Aberdeen Central Pederson-Johnson, SF Washington
1987 Hatch-Kayongo, Brookings Leonard-Nichols, Aberdeen Central
1986 Hatch-Thompson, Brookings Mattson-Pooley, RC Stevens
1985 Cordts-Williams, Pierre True-Morgans, Watertown
1984 Cordts-Williams, Pierre Naughton-Ochsner, SF O'Gorman
1983 Sorrell-Grocott, SF O'Gorman Reid-Cersosimo, RC Central
1982 Sorrell-Rost, SF O'Gorman Ward-Reid, RC Central
1981 Sorrell-Rost, SF O'Gorman Sogge-Kopriva, RC Central
1980 Sorrell-Rost, SF O'Gorman Paluch-Ward, RC Central
1979 Parrot-Burchill, Pierre Paluch-Ward, RC Central
1978 Lauer-Friedbauer, SF Lincoln Parrott-Anerson, Pierre
1977 Hoeger-Lauer, SF Lincoln Sweetman-Sweetman, Roncalli
1976 Hoeger-Lauer, SF Lincoln Trautner-Flannery, Pierre
1975 Hackler-Knutson, Vermillion Trautner-Thielen, Pierre
1974 Mannes-Boyd, Aberdeen Central Trautner-Krier, Pierre
1973 Levi-Mannes, Aberdeen Central Clayton-Melham, SF Washington
1972 Levi-Wylie, Aberdeen Central Wilcox-Lauer, SF Lincoln
1971 Clayton-Kochenderfer, SF Lincoln Clayton-Dummermuth,
SF Washington
1970 Clayton-Kochenderfer, SF Lincoln Johnson-Ofstedahl, Brookings
1969 Johnson-Otterness, Brookings Clayton-Kochenderfer, SF Lincoln
1968 Kawalsky-Brown, SF Lincoln Kelly-Sullivan, Madison
1967 Sandvig-Olson, SF Lincoln Wicks-Grewing, Watertown
1966 Sandvig-Olson, SF Lincoln Waltman-Coffman, Rapid City
1965 Sandvig-Peterson, Sioux Falls Johnson-Bucholz, Brookings
1964 Spensley-Stevenson, Sioux Falls Van Gerpen-Waltman, Rapid City
1963 Clark-Spensley, Sioux Falls Van Gerpen-Young, Rapid City
1962 Clark-Weber, Sioux Falls Fishback-Harrison, Brookings
1961 Clark-Weber, Sioux Falls Larson-Thompson, Aberdeen
1960 Fischer-Weber, Sioux Falls Haldeman-Bunce, Aberdeen
1959 Line-Fischer, Sioux Falls Bunce-Kline, Aberdeen
1958 Weber-Line, Sioux Falls Parmeter-Martin, Huron
1957 Simko-Line, Sioux Falls Parmeter-Fuller, Huron
1956 Simko-Line, Sioux Falls Isaac-Reemtsma, Mitchell
1955 Simko-Rost, Sioux Falls MacDougal-MacDougal, Brookings
1954 Simko-Rost, Sioux Falls Jorde-Jorde, Corona
1953 Bailin-Rost, Sioux Falls Luke-MacDougal, Brookings
1952 Bailin-Pryor, Sioux Falls Van Why-Malone, Vermillion
1951 Olson-Coplan, Watertown Bailin-Pryor, Sioux Falls
1950 Grebin-Belbas, Sioux Falls Shaw-Roth, Mitchell
1949 Popowski-Kambestad, Aberdeen McCullen-Urban, Rapid City
1948 Anderson-Brown, Sioux Falls McCullen-Urban, Rapid City
1947 Trueblood-Popesel, Sioux Falls Braden-McCullen, Rapid City
1942 Kriens-Gustafson, Watertown Van Arsdale-Kelson, Huron
1941 Dockendorf-Stone, Rapid City Carlson-Kriens, Watertown
1940 Kindred-Rud, Sioux Falls Smith-Allen, Lake Preston
1939 Kindred-Rud, Sioux Falls Johnson-Dutcher, Hetland
1938 Kilness-Ainsworth, Sioux Falls Vogel-Coulon, Pierre
1937 Kilness-Poland, Sioux Falls Larson-Elkins, Watertown
1936 Gunn-Seitz, Watertown Miller-Johnson, Huron
1935 Holden-Holden, Britton Karns-Lange, Murdo
1934 Holden-Holden, Britton Karns-Lange, Murdo
1933 Van Ausdall-Lewis, Sioux Falls Aldrich-Gebbie, Pierre
1932 Richmond-Van Ausdall, Sioux Falls Gebbie-Gebbie, Pierre
1931 Brussell-Dobbins, Aberdeen Donaldson-Klimisch, Yankton
1930 Richards-Hanten, Watertown Toohey-Richmond, Sioux Falls
1929 Schimkat-Guenther, Bridgewater Bauer-Tremerc, Sioux Falls
1928 Schimkat-Guenther, Bridgewater Brakke-Reynolds, Dell Rapids
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