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2014 State Oral Interpretation Festival
Huron - Dec 5-6 , 2014
Festival Schedule (SDHSAA)
Speaking Order: Class B/ Class A/ Class AA

Thoughts from the Participants


About the Festival

Non-Original Oratory - This contest event shall include selections such as orations, addresses, lectures and essays that are conducive to oratorical interpretation. The Non-Original Oration can be serious, humorous or a mixture of serious and humorous sentiments. Selections shall not be the original work of the contestant.

Serious Reading - This contest event consists of interpreting a selection from a single source of dramatic literature or prose with literary merit and appropriate to the reader. The selection must have been copyrighted, published in print and be available to the public. The mood of the selection must be essentially serious in nature. The maximum time of presentation, including the introduction, is ten minutes. A manuscript is to be used by the student.

Poetry Reading - Literature for the poetry contest event shall be selected by the contestants. They shall choose poetry to develop one theme or to illustrate the abilities, moods or characteristics of one author. 

Humorous Reading - Humorous prose shall include all stories, plays and essays written in prose, together with all plays written in verse.

Duet Interpretation - Duet Interpretation is an exercise composed of two students who portray cuttings from plays, verse plays or other works may be presented. A selection may be of humorous or serious nature. A narrated introduction or transitional material within the cutting may be given by one or both members.

Storytelling - The purpose of Storytelling is to give students the opportunity to develop the art of creating a mood wherein a spoken narrative transports the audience to the time and place of the story being recounted. A story teller is a narrator - not an actor or actress - and although gestures, pantomime, movement, and characterization are not barred, they must be used with restraint. The focus of the presentation must be on the narrative, with the teller acting as a presenter and not a performer.

Readers Theatre - Readers Theatre is an event in which a group of three to six students interpretively present literature. Readers Theatre encourages the students to create a scripted ensemble performance that focuses on the use of interpretative skills to present prose, poetry and/or drama without the aid of costumes, make-up, set or props although participants may dress in a uniform manner.

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