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Editorial - Garretson - Lana Braswell; Mitchell - Matthew Beynon
Sports - Mitchell - Matthew Beynon; Yankton - Adam Walter; Yankton - Allie Thiesse; Yankton - Jacob Selgestad
Editorial - Brandon Valley - Umaima Koch; Garretson - Abriana Scholl; Mitchell - Aaron Krumholz; Mitchell - Destiny Pinder-Buckley; Yankton - Jacob Selgestad; Yankton - Zach Lattea
General News - Brandon Valley - Jacob Boomsma; Garretson - Beth Schmidt; Garretson - Zebadiah Johnson; Mitchell - Tatum Dean; Yankton - Jaclyn Arens; Mitchell - Chase Stehly
Sports - Brandon Valley - Dylan Bludorn; Garretson - Beth Schmidt; Garretson - Sylvia Larson; Mitchell - Chase Stehly
Editorial - Brandon Valley - Becca Goth; Brandon Valley - Jacob Boomsma; Garretson - Sylvia Larson; Garretson - Zebadiah Johnson; Yankton - Leslie Alarcon
General News - Brandon Valley - Becca Goth; Brandon Valley - Kristen Paulsen; Garretson - Sylvia Larson; Mitchell - Destiny Pinder-Buckley; Yankton - Johanna Lippert; Yankton - Madison Dangler
Sports - Brandon Valley - Umaima Koch; Mitchell - Tatum Dean

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