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State Visual Arts Competition
March 19-21, 2015
Sioux Falls  -  Schedule

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CATEGORIES: Eleven categories have been established for the Visual Arts contest. The following are the approved categories that may be used for the State Visual Arts Contest Gallery.

1. Drawing: The Drawing category must be presented in one of the following mediums: Pencil, Charcoal, Ink, and Scratchboard.

2. Drawing Colored: The Drawing Colored category must be presented in one of the following mediums: Oil pastels, colored chalks, colored ink, etc.

3. Painting (Oil and Acrylic): The Painting category must be presented in one of the following mediums: Oil or Acrylic.

4. Painting (Watercolor): The Painting category must be presented in one of the following mediums: Watercolor.

5. Photography: The Photography category must present a single photograph entry with limited manipulation. Limited manipulation will consist of minor exposure corrections only. Photographs can be digital or non-digital, and can be either color or black and white.

6. Print making: The Print Making category includes relief printing, silk screening, intaglio, processed hard copy print, etc.

7. 3 Dimensional: The 3 Dimensional category may be presented in one of the following mediums: clay, metals, wood, fibers, etc.

8. Crafts: The Crafts category includes crafts such as functional pottery, book arts, paper crafts, stained glass, and fibers.

9. Traditional Cultural Art: This category will include artwork of an ancestral nature to be indigenousto a specific culture, such as Native American, German, Czech, etc.

10. Multi-Media / Graphic Design: This category includes any artwork that combines image and typography utilizing art and technology to convey a message from a client to a particular audience.

11. Mixed Media: This category includes art work that employs multiple media and/or collage that would not fit into a drawing or painting category and must have two or more mediums combined to create a finished product.

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS. Medals will be awarded to each individual student who receives a first (gold medal), second (silver medal), or third (bronze medal) place in a visual

BEST IN SHOW PLAQUE. All first place students in individual categories shall be eligible to receive a best in show award. The award will be selected by the judges, and an award will be given to one student in each class.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD. A vote of the gallery visitors will be taken and the student with the highest votes from all of the submitted art pieces will receive a “Best in Show” plaque.

SWEEPSTAKES TROPHY. The Association shall purchase a suitable trophy for the school winning the first and second highest trophy points in the State Gallery Contest in each class.

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