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State One Act Play Festival
Brandon  Feb 3-Feb 5, 2011
Class B Participants       Photos on Flickr


DeSmet High School presents: Us And Them by David Campton

Menno High School presents: At The Bottom Of Lake Missoula by Ed Monk


Estelline High School presents: The 11th by David J. LeMaster



Rapid City Christian High School presents: The  Last Leaf by O Henry/adapted by Robert Brome


Freeman Academy High School presents: A Smell Of Burnt Feathers by Paul Gisby

Sunshine Bible Academy High School presents: The Last Leaf by Robert Brome

Corsica High School presents: Firebirds by Liz Flahive

Florence High School presents: Lockdown by Douglas Craven

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Gettysburg High School presents: Reunion On Gallows Hill by Tim Kelly

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Faulkton Area High School presents: A Funny Way Of Showing It by Jerry Rabushka


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Wall High School presents: Afternoon At The Seaside by Agatha Christie

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Parker High School presents: Lockdown by Douglas Craven

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Waubay High School presents: Excerpts from Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman

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Timber Lake High School presents: Working by Studs Terkel



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