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Lincoln Douglas Policy Debate Public Forum Photos

2007 State Class AA Debate and Individual Events


1st - Andrew Mach - Aberdeen Central
2nd - Jeff White - Mitchell
3rd - Kelsey Holkesvik - Aberdeen Central
Finalists - Danielle Wang - Brookings, Alexandra - Watertown, Stephanie Deutsch - Watertown
Andrew Mach - Aberdeen Central - "The Baskin-Robbins Syndrome"
Kelsey Holkesvik - Aberdeen Central - "Happily Ever After"
Danielle Wang - Brookings - "The Buck Stops Here"
Jennifer Chase - Brookings - "The Icarus Effect"
Matthew Hemenway - Huron - "The Carrot and the Kid"
Luke Cumbee - Huron - "Joke Cruelty"
Shelly Gates - Mitchell - "Oppression: I Won't Let It Happen To Me"
Jeff White - Mitchell - "Slop Esteem"
Rachel Andersen - SF O'Gorman - "Let Go Of My Ego"
Lauren Wolf - SF O'Gorman - "I Voted for Gary"
Jenna Ehrmann - SF Roosevelt - "Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!"
Kasey Wahl - SF Roosevelt - "Ode to Music"
Allison Hout - SF Washington - "The Problem is ...Intolerance"
Katrina Schiferl - SF Washington -"Let's Not Save the World"
Beau Elliott - Sturgis - "It's all a matter of perspective"
Stephanie Deutsch - Watertown -"Why Not?"
Alexandra - Watertown - "The Myspace Generation"
Jamila Hussein - Yankton - "Tom Is Mean"

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