2005 High School Press Convention

Brookings - October - 10

High School Press Convention
The High School Press Convention is held annually in the fall at South Dakota State University, Brookings. Activities include: All-State Journalist staff meeting, Advisers business meeting (Supervisors of School Publications), Announcement of the Annual Publications Contest winners in newspapers, yearbooks and miscellaneous publications, Announcement of First Edition Contest results "On-the-Spot" Contests in: News Writing, Photography, Feature Writing, Yearbook Design.

Award Presentations
2005 Spring Writing Contest Results
Feature Writing:
1st Leah Miller - Deubrook; 2nd Jessica Hobkick - Estelline; 3rd Allison Struck - Yankton
News Writing:
1st Joe Giganti - Yankton;  2nd Andrew Gates - Mitchell; 3rd Natalia Ferreira - Mitchell; Honorable Mention Jessica Kokesh - Yankton
Yearbook Design:
1st Samantha McKeighan - Estelline; 2nd Kathrine Trewatha - Deubrook; 3rd Jaime Weddingfield - Yankton
All State Literary Publications:
Brandon Valley LYNX LAUREATE Pam Cool, Advisor; R.C. Stevens CALLIOPE Ken Steinken, Advisor; Yankton CELLAR DOOR Sandy Hoffner, Advisor; Jones County JONES COUNTY VOICE Margie Peters, Advisor; Northwestern CREATIVE CATASTOPHES Nora Groft, Advisor
All State Newspapers:
Class 1 (Offset, Enrollment: 401 & above)
Brandon Valley - ECHO - Deb Rothenberger, Advisor; Mitchell THE KERNEL Brooke Begeman, Advisor; R.C. Stevens - RAIDER GENERATION Ken Steinken , Advisor; S.F. Lincoln - STATESMAN Virginia Olson, Advisor; Yankton THE WOKSAPE Richard Anderson,
Advisor; Brookings BROBOCA Stacey Vostad, Advisor

Class 3 (Offset, Enrollment: 250 & under)
Castlewood DACOTAH WARRIOR Donna Holman, Advisor; Aberdeen Roncalli CAVALCADE Brenda Lacherite, Advisor; Bonesteel-Fairfax TIGER TRACKS MaryAnn Koenig, Advisor

Class 5 (All Departmental)
Lake Preston, BLUE AND GOLD Treva Casper, Advisor; Lennox PEP-A-GRAPH Katie Salmela, Advisor; Emery THE EMERY WHEEL - Judith Hamaker, Advisor

All State Yearbook:
Class 1 (Enrollment: 651 & above)
Brookings BOBCAT Rebecca Ekeland, Advisor; S.F. Lincoln HERITAGE Mary Tranberg, Advisor; Yankton ARICKARA Jill Mikelsen, Advisor; Pierre Riggs GUMBO Terry Peterson, Advisor; Watertown - ARROW Dodie Bemis, Advisor

Class 2 (Enrollment: 201-650)
Redfield THE PHEASANT Kaylin Frost, Advisor; Milbank KENNEL Ann Tuchscherer, Advisor

Class 3 (Enrollment : 101-200)
Clark THE COMET Corrine Kallemeyn, Advisor; Hamlin 2005 CHARGER Denise Garvey, Advisor; Deubrook - DOLPHIN Bob Trewatha, Advisor

Class 4 (Enrollment: 66-100)
Castlewood WARRIOR Donna Holman, Advisor; Northwestern THE WILDCAT Nora Groft, Advisor; Langford THE LION Kelly Mills, Advisor; Jones County - COYOTE - Margie Peters, Advisor; Highmore HISODAK LaVaughn Busse, Advisor; Roslyn THE VIKING Carol Giakowski & Jo Wagner, Advisors; Sully Buttes ETERNAL FLAME Jeannene Libby, Advisor

Class 5 (Enrollment: 65 and Under)
Rutland RAMBLER Karen Rahn, Advisor; Summit EAGLET Ann Gerriets, Advisor; Emery EAGLE Judy Hamaker, Advisor

First Edition Contest (over 175):
First Place: S.F. Lincoln STATESMAN Virginia Olson, Advisor
Second Place: Brandon Valley ECHO Debra Rothenberger, Advisor
Third Place: Huron TIGER STRIPES Angie Klein, Advisor


First Edition Contest (under 175):
First Place: Castlewood DACOTAH WARRIOR Donna Holman, Advisor
Second Place: Estelline EHS INFORMER Kristy McAninch, Advisor
Third Place: Sully Buttes WATCHDOG Jeannene Libby, Advisor
HM: Northwestern THE SCRATCHIN POST Nora Groft, Advisor

Most Improved Publications
Newspaper - Brookings High School BROBOCA Stacey Vostad, Advisor
Yearbook - Tea Area High School TITANS Nancy Loofbourrow, Advisor
Top Of The Class -  Highest All-State rating score.
Newspaper - Lennox PEP-A-GRAPH - Katie Salmela, Advisor
Yearbook - Pierre Riggs GUMBO Terry Peterson, Advisor
Sweepstakes - Highest total points in newspaper and yearbook in all divisions.
Sioux Falls Lincoln - Newspaper Advisor: Virginia Olson, Yearbook Advisor: Mary Tranberg
Hall Of Fame - School newspaper or yearbook with ten consecutive All-State Awards.
Newspapers - Brandon Valley - ECHO Deb Rothenberger, Advisor
Yearbooks - Emery EAGLE Judy Hamaker, Advisor

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