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Lincoln Douglas Policy Debate Public Forum Photos

2006 State Class AA Debate and Individual Events

Public Forum Debate

Replay Audio of Public Forum Debate Final

Public Forum Debate
Champion - David Sahli and Tyler Swenson - Aberdeen Central;  Runner Up - Dylan Kessler and Katie Gallup - Aberdeen Central; Semi Finalists - Prairie Hayman and Rochelle Rogers - Rapid City Stevens, and Kai Bosworth and Karl Giuseffi - Spearfish; Quarter Finalists - Katie Jorgenson and Sarah Barnett - Sioux Falls O'Gorman, Jenna Ehrman and Lindsay Thompson - SF Roosevelt, Shelly Steely and Vanessa Wainwright - Sturgis, and Addie Schurrer and Jessica Kokesh - Yankton
Dylan Kessler - Aberdeen Central
Katie Gallup - Aberdeen Central
David Sahli - Aberdeen Central
Tyler Swenson - Aberdeen Central
Toby Flint - Brookings
Matt Aadland - Brookings
Sarah Darnall - Brookings
Adam Van der Sluis - Brookings
Barry Snyder - Huron
Vanessa Luke - Huron
Prairie Hayman - Rapid City Stevens
Rochelle Rogers - Rapid City Stevens
Katie Aurand - Rapid City Stevens
Erin Birch Rapid - City Stevens
Katie Jorgenson - Sioux Falls O'Gorman
Sarah Barnett - Sioux Falls O'Gorman
Jenna Ehrman - Sioux Falls Roosevelt
Lindsay Thompson - Sioux Falls Roosevelt
John Kennedy Claussen - Sioux Falls Roosevelt
Kasey Wahl - Sioux Falls Roosevelt
Bre Baltzer - Sioux Falls Washington
Mariah Dempsey - Sioux Falls Washington
James Foster - Sioux Falls Washington
Alex Rasmussen - Sioux Falls Washington
Sean Binder - Spearfish
Whitney Pavich - Spearfish
Kai Bosworth - Spearfish
Karl Giuseffi - Spearfish
Kelly Schieffer - Sturgis
Ben Nelson - Sturgis
Shelly Steely - Sturgis
Vanessa Wainwright - Sturgis
Amber Robbins - Watertown
Stephanie Deutsch - Watertown
Johanna Peterson - Watertown
Josiah Kosier - Watertown
Marie Holtzmann - Yankton
Addie Schurrer - Yankton
Tom Friedenbach - Yankton
Jessica Kokesh - Yankton

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