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2003 Orchestra - Participants
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* Denotes four year All-State Orchestra participants
** Denotes SDMEA member
First Violin
*Lucy Duke, RC Central, *Leah Sedlacek, RC Central, Bill Liu, SFLincoln, *Josh McCormick, RC Central, *Joe Berendse, RC Central, Jessica Hanson, RC Stevens, *Ingrid Lane, RC Central, Adrian Ptacek, RC Central, Jacie Reams, RC Central, Taryn Arbieter, RC Stevens, *Kyle Davis, SF Roosevelt, Lauren Armstrong, RC Central, *Caroline Faflak, Aberdeen Central, *Kayli Henry, SF Lincoln, Danielle Dixon, RC Stevens, Molly Vukelich, RC Stevens, Kathryn Sughrue, RC Central, Sophie Stevens, Yankton, *Anemarie Weiss, RC Stevens, Keegan Kellogg, RC Central, Merrick Fisher, RC Stevens, Brian Hemen, Huron, Felicia Barnes, Yankton, Ed Hill, RC Central, Megan Ruthford, RC Stevens, Caitlin Petersen, RC Stevens, Mike Guiliano, RC Central, Rebecca Longhenry, RC Stevens

Second Violin
Julia Konstant, Watertown, Angela Goeringer, RC Central, Emily Weber, RC Central, Elizabeth MacLachlan, RC Central, Stephanie Smith, Watertown, Kelsey Campbell, Madison, Michael Graber, Freeman Academy, Julie Santella, SF O'Gorman, Karris McKie, RC Stevens, Zachary Stewart, RC Stevens, Lucas Zimney, RC Stevens, Megan Dibbern, RC Stevens, Ross Shields, SF Lincoln, Beth Anderson, RC Central, Rochelle Rogers, RC Stevens, Hannah Kunzweiler,
RC Stevens, Laura Freed, RC Stevens, Misty Blough, RC Central, Blake Campbell, RC Central, Bryanna Hollibaugh, RC Stevens, Mattie Lerdal, RC Stevens, Greg Vollmer, RC Central, Alicia Smith, SF Lincoln, Erika Toyoda, RC Stevens, Tasha Ellingson, RC Stevens, Kelli Hey, RC Central, Bridget Ames, Huron, Alex Wollman, Huron

*Kelsey Lane, RC Stevens, Caitlin Hafner, RC Central, Emily Pflaum, RC Central, Sarah Bowman, RC Central, Emily Rodman, RC Central, Gabriel Stewart, RC Stevens, Laramie Gilbertson, RC Stevens, Kyla Feickert, RC Central, Elisa Chan, SF Roosevelt, Nicole Larson, RC Central, Kaycee Bloodgood, Huron, Ross Diedrich, RC Stevens, Emily Brown, Douglas, Cameron MacLachlan, RC Central, Suzanne Sherwood, Watertown, Carissa Vice, RC Stevens, Georgia Anderson, RC Central, Rose Dvorak, Yankton, Abby Drabek, RC Central, Iain Crosby, SF Lincoln, Erin Powell, SF Lincoln, Katie Pflaum, RC Central, Asif Choudhury, RC Stevens, Emily Gillaspey, SF Lincoln

Tiffany Bell, RC Central, Ashley Heacock, RC Stevens, Dave Sanderson, SF Roosevelt, Laura McCarty, SF Roosevelt, Corbin Simon, SF Lincoln, Amy Petersen, RC Central, Taylor Slingsby, RC Central, Hannah Alsgaard, Yankton, Jillian Burckhard, SF Lincoln, Ellen Bubak, SF Lincoln, Megan Byers, RC Stevens, *Sarah Hanzel, RC Central, Tom Burrish, SF Lincoln, Tara Fly nn, RC Central, Heather Bossert,
Aberdeen Central, *Allison Rokusek, Watertown, Emily Frost, RC Stevens, Hannah Lehmann, RC Stevens, Dan Knutson, SF Lincoln
Dan Richter, SF Lincoln

String Bass
Bayard Carlson, SF Lincoln, Joshua Melby, Aberdeen Central, Lisa Vogl, RC Central, Ryan Maas, Huron, Nathan Whitaker, RC Central, Peter Nord, SF Lincoln, Harrison Hoffman, Tri-Valley, Katie Mathews, RC Central, Andrea Friedrichsen, Huron

Erin Hoiland, Harrisburg

Peter Severson, SF Lincoln

Kristin Jacobson, SF Washington

Anna Rohde, SF Lincoln, Jenny Ulmer, SF Lincoln, Caroline Christopherson, RC Central, Melissa Heinemann, Flandreau

Meagan O'Malley, Aberdeen Central, Brandon Brown, Pierre Riggs
Connie Vogelmann, SF Roosevelt, Kelly Kappen, SF Lincoln

English Horn
Renee Ouellette, Douglas

B-Flat Clarinet
Taneea Ortman, SF Roosevelt, Vanessa Mahoney, RC Stevens, Stef Auch, Chamberlain, Kenny Pike, SF Lincoln

Bass Clarinet
Camille Dunn, Chamberlain

Andrew Wulf, Pierre Riggs, Katie Klipfel, Leola, Alyssa Carlson, SF Lincoln, Drew Jackson, Brandon Valley

French Horn
Todd Mulder, Lennox, Micaela Miles, West Central, Natalie Cromwell, SF Lincoln, Dan Brown, Douglas, Gillian Bright, Brandon Valley, Dana Hoffman, SF Roosevelt, Laef Johnson, Groton Area, Dempster Christenson, SF O'Gorman

Adam Barrett, SF Roosevelt, Alicia Conrad, SF Roosevelt, Mike Shobe, RC Stevens, Jessica Mathison, Yankton, Malerie Mertz, Chamberlain, Mike Kappen, SF Lincoln

Tom Hofer, SF Lincoln, Phil Carlson, Chamberlain, Sean Bray, Yankton, Brittany Pautsch, SF Roosevelt, Marissa Penner, SF Lincoln, Patty Kramer, SF Roosevelt

Travis Netzer, Ipswich, Elliot Hughes, SF Lincoln

Brandon Eisenbraun, Yankton

General Percussion
Jami Swenson, Chamberlain, Kyle Dvoracek, SF Lincoln, Greg Ramse, Canton

* Denotes four year All-State Orchestra participants
** Denotes SDMEA member

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