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All-State Chorus and Orchestra Background Information
Aberdeen, SD Oct 29-30, 2004

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The South Dakota All-State Chorus members are selected locally by the choral directors in each high school. Each school is allowed to bring a predetermined number of quartets based on school’s enrollment. This year, the chorus numbers 962 singers representing 155 high schools.

The members of the South Dakota All-State Orchestra are selected each fall by competitive auditions at three sites around the State. A full symphony orchestra is then selected from among the best musicians in South Dakota. This year’s orchestra has 158 musicians representing 27 schools.

Conductor Interviews

Guest Orchestra Conductor Tyler White

How did you get involved with conducting the SD All-State Orchestra?
Is this a large number for an orchestra?
What role do you play as the conductor?
Is it hard to control a group of this size?
How were the pieces selected for the concert?
What about the piece you wrote?
What is the most challenging piece?
What seems to be the favorite?
Describe the caliber of musicians in South Dakota.
What is the status of the arts in this country today?
What's next for you?


Guest Choir Conductor Timothy Peter

What is your role as a conductor?
How do you work with such a large group?
How were the students selected?
How do you keep the group focused and interested?
How does working with kids differ with working with adults?
How was the music selected?
What is the most challenging piece for the kids?
What seems to be their favorite?
What is it like to work with students in SD?
What's next for you?


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