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2003 State Volleyball Tournament
November 20 - 22,  Rapid City Civic Center

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National Anthem
Charlie Wheeler, singer

Rally Scoring Rules for South Dakota Volleyball

South Dakota is experimenting with rally scoring during the 2002 volleyball season. The philosophy behind the use of rally scoring is tri-fold. It is designed to (1) excite, (2) expedite, and (3) make fan friendly the game of volleyball. The philosophy behind the rules is to encourage constant action and few interruptions by increasing the number of critical plays, while bracketing the time frame of the game. The "net serve" and faster substitution process are two elements of the faster game.

The volleyball rally score experimental rules include:
1. The home team selects home court. The visiting playing captain will call the
toss. The winner of the toss may elect to serve or receive. Home team is the
host school or the top team in a bracket, first team listed, highest seed, etc.
2. Deciding game the captain of the home team calls the toss. The winner
chooses (a) serve/receive, or (b) team area. Loser of the toss receives the
remaining option.
3. All matches that are counted as a dual must be rally scored. Tournaments may
be 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 game matches.
4. All games will be played to 25 points (30 point cap - win by two or first team
to 30) and the 5th and deciding game (or 3rd game in a 2 of 3 game match) will
be played to 15 points - win by two, no cap.
5. A point is awarded upon the completion of every play. (Side-out is no longer
used.) It is not necessary for the winning team to be serving at the time the
winning point is scored.
6. If the serving team wins the rally, it scores a point and continues to serve. If
the receiving team wins the rally, it scores a point and gains the right to serve;
its players must rotate one position clockwise before serving.
7. Net serve to be included in all matches. Net or let serves occur when a served
ball touches the net, but goes over, remaining in play.
8. Each team is entitled to a maximum of two timeouts per game. No additional
timeouts are granted at 24 all or 14 all.
9. The interval between games of a match is 3 minutes. No intermission of longer
than 3 minutes is allowed (SD exception for heat -- time between games in the
match can be extended to 4 minutes.)
10. Substitutions will be limited to 18 team substitutions per game.
11. A penalty automatically entails a loss of rally by the offending team resulting
in a point for the opponent. Example: a red card.
12. No utilization of the libero player. (A defensive specialist playing the back row
13. All other National Federation High School rules apply.

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