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Girls Athletics

AA, A & B Volleyball State Tournament 
March 7, 8, 9 - Watertown Civic Arena 
About the Tournament 

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Match results will be updated continuously during the Tournament

Class - AA Results
1 - O'Gorman
2 - Aberdeen Central 
3 - SF Lincoln
4 - SF Washington
5 - Huron
6 - Mitchell
7 - RC Stevens
8 -  Brookings
Class - A Results
1 - Aberdeen Roncalli
2 - Hot Springs
3 - Alcester-Hudson
4 - SF Christian
5 - Miller
6 - Hamlin
7 - Wagner
8 -  Bennett County

Class - B Results
1 - Harding County
2 - Warner
3 - Sully Buttes
4 - Andes Central
5 - DeSmet
6 - Centerville
7 - Gettysburg
8 -  Marion

"25-Year Award" Recipients Pam Murra (l) and Pam Hoiland (r)

NFOA Volleyball "Active Officals Award" to Kelley Devine (r)

South Dakota Volleyball Officials Award

10-Year Awards: Julie Bjerke-Welk, Mark Gagby, Martin Larsen, Jane McLaury, Neil McNaughton, Troy Proehl, Dan Thelen and Scott Wagner

15-Year Awards: Kelley Ann Devine, Gene Gillen, James B Harvey and Renae Phinney

20-Year Awards: Terry Duffy, Mark Magbuhat, Ignacio Magbuhat, Terry "Hawk" Mayer and Francis "Joe" Drab    

25-Year Awards: Betty Hutson and Roger Nelson  

Class "AA"
- Each of the four district winners qualify to state, plus two teams from each of the two regions.
Class "A" & "B" - The top team will qualify from each of the 8 Class "A" & "B" regions.
The tournaments for all Classes will be double
elimination tournaments. Places one through eight will be determined in each tournament. All three tournaments will be played concurrently in the same facility with matches from each class scheduled each session.
The 8 qualifiers will
be seeded 1-8. The upper bracket pairings will be Seed 1 vs Seed 8 and Seed 5 vs Seed 4. The lower bracket will have Seed 3 vs Seed 6 and Seed 7 vs Seed 2.
18 medals will be awarded to each participating team in the state tournament.
Trophies will be awarded to champion and runner-up teams. While plaques will be awarded to all remaining place winners.
Four awards presentations will be scheduled. Friday: Presentation I - 7th and 8th place  following match 9. Saturday: Presentation II - 4th, 5th, 6th place following match 14. Saturday: Presentation III - 3rd place following match 15. Championship match awards will be presented immediately following the final match in each class.

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