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The 2001-02 school year marks the twelfth year that the SDHSAA has sponsored the "Outstanding Student Council" project. The goal of this project is to act as an incentive for student councils to maintain a program of continued excellence and to provide a benchmark with which student councils in SDHSAA member schools can compare their accomplishments. The ultimate value of the "SDHSAA Outstanding Student Council" project is to give those Student Councils designated as being "Outstanding" the praise and recognition they deserve for a well done job. A student council that is recognized as "Outstanding" has a well rounded program involving many activities in a variety of areas. They are active at the state as well as the local level. They have done an exemplary job that has been a benefit to their school and community. 
Every High School Student Council that achieves satisfactory points, as based on a pre-determined criteria, will be designated as an "Outstanding Student Council".
Time Period Covered: April 16, 2001 through April 15, 2002

SDSCA Annual State Convention 
Each year the SDSCA schedules an Annual State Convention. All SDSCA member schools are encouraged to send delegates to the Convention. The State Convention provides those attending with the opportunity to work with a recognized motivational leader, to participate in team building leadership sessions and to determine the future direction of the Association through the election of the future leaders of the SDSCA. 
DATES: March 24-25-26, 2002 SITE: Ramkota River Centre, Pierre

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