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International Extemporaneous Speaking - A

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Champion - Jon Hoadley, Vermillion
Runner-Up - Robert Haar, Deuel
Third Place - Amy Finnegan, Deuel
Finalists- Clay Campbell, Madison; Kristen Egger, Beresford; Tainna Hayes, Vermillion 

"AA" Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking Topics
 1. What can be done to stabilize the economy of Argentina?
 2. Should Great Britain adopt the Euro?
 3. How will Vincente Fox's leadership affect Mexico?
 4. What is the future of the global economy?
 5.  Can a stable government be established in Afghanastan?
 6. Will Russian President Valdimir Putin be successful ins shifting Russia to the West?
 7. Is Ariel Sharon a threat the peace process in the Middle East?
 8. Can the Japanese economy heat up again?
 9. Will India and Pakistan be able to resolve their conflicts?
10. Is the U.N. still an effective organization?
11. How will China's entry into the WTO aggect the global economy?
12. Is an all-out war between Israel and the Palestinians inevitable?
13. Has Tony Blair been an effective leader?
14. What role should NATP play in the war on terrorism?
15. What lies ahead for the women of Afghanistan?
16. Is US aid to Columbia an effective way to fight the war on drugs?
17. Will the new party alliances in South Africa drive the country forward?
18. Should the US continue its current policy of border control with Canada?
19. Is the United Nations trubual in The Hague the best means to deal with Slobodan Milosevic?
20. Is peace in Northern Ireland an achievable goal?

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