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2001 State Football Championships

Class B 9-Man
Roslyn 50
Lake Preston 6

Class A 9-Man
Kimball 76
Gettysburg 28

Class AA 9-Man
Emery/Ethan 20
Harding County 6

Class A 11-Man
West Central 33
Lead 0

Class B 11-Man
Britton 33
Gregory 23

Class AA 11-Man
 Watertown 18
Brookings 10

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High School Football in South Dakota

There are six classes of football competition in South Dakota. The member schools are divided into three eleven-man classifications and three nine-man classifications. Teams are classified according to the Average Daily Membership from the 2000-01 school year. Teams advance to the state tournament through regional playoffs. 

11-AA: 16 largest schools
11-A: Next 24 largest schools
11-B: All remaining schools, enrollment of 150 or above, that play eleven-man.
9-AA: The top one-third of all nine-man teams
9-A: The middle one-third of all nine-man teams
9-B: The bottom one-third of all nine-man teams

In 11AA football, all teams quailfy for the first-round play-off games. 
In 9-man, 11B and 11A football, the top three highest power rated teams in each region will automatically qualify for the playoffs. The next four highest power rated teams, regardless of region, will be selected at-large. An at-large team that finishes fourth in their region will remain in their region. An at-large team finishing fifth or sixth in their region will be moved to a region geo-graphically relevant. The
at-large teams will be seeded where their power points rank them within the named region. 

Class 11-A, 11-B, 9-A, & 9-B - formula used to calculate a school’s Point Average to Date:
Step 1
: Number of Opponent’s Wins x 3 points x Number of Games on Your Schedule = Bonus Points* to Date
Divided by 8
for all classes
*Opponent’s wins are tabulated each week even though your school has not yet played that opponent.
Schools do not receive bonus points for opponent’s win over your school. Teams who have an opponent whose 8th game is after the regular season has ended, will receive 1.5 bonus points per team played
Step 2: Bonus Points to Date + School Points* to Date = Point Average to Date
Divided by number of games actually played to date
*School Points: Each team will receive:
50 points win over upper division team.
45 points win over same or lower division team
. 30 points loss to upper division team. 25 points loss to same or lower division team.

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